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There are many reasons the puzzle piece is a symbol for autism; one is that intervention and therapies come in many shapes and sizes, and often overlap in terms of goals and objectives. This presentation covers the key disciplines needed to form a solid foundation of appropriate intervention. Whether you are new to intervention or an old hand, this global perspective has something to offer everyone.

Published: 01/29/2013 Length: 00:39:36

Anissa Ryland Anissa Ryland,

Anissa Ryland is the Executive Director for The Johnson Center for Child Health & Development in Austin, TX. Before working in the autism community, she worked with non-profit organizations in New Orleans, Washington, DC, and Dallas. Anissa is motivated by her experience as a mother of three children, one with autism, to assist families in accessing needed resources and to support the research that is crucial to answering important questions about developmental disorders.

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