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Sleep Issues and ASD


Disordered sleep is frequently associated with behavior problems and inattention in typically developing and developmentally disabled children.  Sleep problems in ASD are correlated with increased maternal stress and parental sleep disruption.  Repetitive behaviors and insistence on sameness may also be increased with poor sleep patterns.

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Published: 10/01/2014 Length: 01:15:57

P. Gail Williams P. Gail Williams, M.D.

Gail Williams, M.D. is a Professor for the University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics. She is a board certified developmental/behavioral pediatrician and works in a multidisciplinary setting seeing children of all ages with such concerns as autism, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Tourette syndrome, and intellectual disability. Dr. Williams also conducts a biomedical clinic at the University of Louisville Autism Center one day weekly. While her primary responsibilities are clinical, she also engages in clinical research and has authored several articles on autism and other developmental topics.

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