Topic:Educational Therapies

Regan Fitzgerald *Quality Behavioral Support

What Does a Quality ABA Program Look Like? Is It…

Presenter: Regan Fitzgerald, M.Ed., BCBA
Published: 06/30/2013 Length: 01:09:36

Ron Leaf ABA in Schools

March 20, 2013 ABA in Schools Ron Leaf, PhD

Presenter: Ron Leaf, PhD
Published: 03/25/2013 Length: 00:58:38

Pamela Compart Diagnosis Matters

While making an accurate diagnosis of autism is important, it…

Presenter: Pamela Compart, M.D.
Published: 02/13/2013 Length: 00:59:32

Elizabeth Mumper Medical Issues Part 2

Gain insight into evidence-based medical problems often found in individuals…

Presenter: Elizabeth Mumper, M.D., FAAP
Published: 01/17/2013 Length: 01:08:35

Mina Park Social Skills

Social Skills Presented by Mina Park, PhD at the Fall…

Presenter: Mina Park, Ph.D.
Published: 12/07/2012 Length: 00:53:41

Anissa Ryland *Putting it All Together

Using a Multidisciplinary Approach/Putting it All Together

Presenter: Anissa Ryland,
Published: 12/07/2012 Length: 00:32:17

Sidney MacDonald Baker Comorbid Medical Issues & AS...

It’s Not That Complicated – Maps for Navigating the Path…

Presenter: Sidney MacDonald Baker, M.D.
Published: 12/05/2012 Length: 01:23:11

Lindsey Biel Raising a Sensory Smart Chil...

Raising a Sensory Smart Child Presented by Lindsey Biel, OTR-L…

Presenter: Lindsey Biel, OTR/L
Published: 12/05/2012 Length: 01:02:47

Vicki Kobliner What to Do When you Think Yo...

What to Do When you Think You’ve Done it All…

Presenter: Vicki Kobliner, MS, RD
Published: 12/05/2012 Length: 00:59:20

Ron Leaf Quality Education Programs i...

It’s Time for School: Building Quality Education Programs for Students…

Presenter: Ron Leaf, PhD
Published: 12/05/2012 Length: 00:58:38

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