Liz Lipski GI Health and the Autism Cas...

GI Health and the Autism Cascade Presented by Liz Lipski,…

Presenter: Liz Lipski, Ph.D, CCN, CHN
Published: 12/05/2012 Length: 00:58:59

Emeran Mayer GI Tract & CNS: Impacts on B...

The Gastrointestinal Tract and the Central Nervous System: Impacts on…

Presenter: Emeran Mayer, MD
Published: 12/05/2012 Length: 00:58:26

Elizabeth Mumper Medical Issues - Part 1

Presented by Elizabeth Mumper, MD at the Fall 2012 Autism…

Presenter: Elizabeth Mumper, M.D., FAAP
Published: 12/05/2012 Length: 01:04:26

Kelly Barnhill Diets - Speaker Panel

Diet Panel with Food Samples Presented by Kelly Barnhill, MBA,…

Presenter: Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN
Published: 10/15/2012 Length: 01:04:23

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