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Regan Fitzgerald *Quality Behavioral Support

What Does a Quality ABA Program Look Like? Is It What My Child Needs...

Presenter: Regan Fitzgerald, M.Ed., BCBA
Published: 06/30/2013 Length: 01:09:36

Dane Mosher *Complementary Care & ASD

Research suggests that between 30-95% of children with autism spectr...

Presenter: Dane Mosher, D.O.
Published: 06/27/2013 Length: 00:56:56

Pamela Lein Organophosphorus Pesticides

Presenter: Pamela Lein, Ph.D.
Published: 06/19/2013 Length: 01:23:18

J Martinez, M.S., CCLS & R Flores *Needs Of Siblings, Part 2

Meeting the Needs Of Siblings, Part 2 In Part 2 of this series we...

Presenter: J Martinez, M.S., CCLS & R Flores, RN
Published: 06/11/2013 Length: 00:49:53

Dane Mosher *Health Concerns for Sibling...

Healthy Siblings Considerations for Parents of Children with ASD ...

Presenter: Dane Mosher, D.O.
Published: 06/11/2013 Length: 00:59:35

Claire Schutte *Pt 1 - Needs of Siblings

Meeting the Needs Of Siblings, Part 1 This webinar reviews the ...

Presenter: Claire Schutte, PsyD, BCBA-D
Published: 05/07/2013 Length: 00:44:44

Alan Gutierrez *Eating Well for Immune Heal...

Eating Well for Immune Health The foundation for healthy immunity...

Presenter: Alan Gutierrez, MS, RD, LD
Published: 04/25/2013 Length: 01:07:13

Melissa Olive *iPads & Communication Devic...

Augmentive Communication and ASD Technology is changing the way w...

Presenter: Melissa Olive, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Published: 04/16/2013 Length: 01:03:21

Laura Hewitson *Biomarker Research & ASD

March 28, 2013 Biomarker Research & ASD Laura Hewitson, Ph...

Presenter: Laura Hewitson, PhD
Published: 03/28/2013 Length: 00:45:58

Erika Laurion Diets for Adults with ASD

Presenter: Erika Laurion,
Published: 03/25/2013 Length: 00:45:28

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